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Effluent Distribution (slurry)

Drag hose system for slurry distribution Doug 027 206 6162, Alan 0274 364 663 Office 03 206 6465

Lely Juno For Feedlanes

Juno is a real assets to your Dairy Housing facility and ensures feed is always in front of the cows.
Great for summer feeding where two swards can be put in front of cows and Juno does the rest.

Matt Lovett Sludge Distribution

Matt contracts with a large Joskin Euroliner and drag boom for sludge effluent applications.
Applications of 1 mm and proof of placement, with low impact on paddock .
027 281 2089

New Animal Welfare Code For Dairy Cows

New Animal Welfare Code for Dairy Cows


Newman Engineering

Feed Lane Scrapers

This company does a great scraper for the front of the motorbike. It was originally designed for scraping dung, however this unit proves to be very suitable for scraping feed to the feed barrier.


The Animal Welfare Act - A Framework For The

The Animal Welfare Act - A Framework For The 21st Century