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70 Bail Rotary Waimate Project

70 Bail With Full Management System

This project was started in September 2009. Cowhouse Ltd together with the client identified all specifications and costings for a full analysis. Design specifications of yards incorporate unique animal handling features and benefits to users and animals.

Yard surfaces are all stamped for maximum animal well being. This Dairy has many special features and design concepts. Project completion August 2010. Fully project managed by Cowhouse Ltd, ensuring that no builder or subcontractor can get away with "pulling the wool over your eyes".

Interested to know how to build your new Dairy, obtaining best value for money and the greatest number of features with no dramas! Call us now 021 6490 49 or 027 5336011

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A Cowhouse Project

A Cowhouse project from start to completion - New Zealand Hybrid farming.

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Calving In A Cowhouse Softpad

A NZ first in 2011.

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Cowhouse Calving

From pasture to Cowhouse, 'the hybrid system'; the best of pasture and the best from dairy housing.

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Cowhouse Construction

Timing Is Everyting

Timing is everything. Winter is coming and in most areas there are only a few months when building on dry soil conditions can proceed. A sophisticated system of pre-casting main components ensures that a project is completed in the shortest possible time. This means multiple projects can be completed within the set timeline.

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Cowhouse Feeding

Feeding cows is the key to production gains... where did all that waste go? There is very little waste in these facilities. A few barrows a week if that. Compare this to paddock feeding!

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Dairy To Cowhouse Walking

Ideally distance to the housing is short and well designed so cows feel happy and comfortable walking to and fro.

The design of lanes is particularly crucial when winter milking cows.

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Effluent Systems Fde Compliant

Effluent systems for your new or existing Dairy need to be designed according to the new FDE standards and guidelines. Talk to Cowhouse Ltd to set the initial parameters and design limitations. We can provide for a complete plan and get quotes from various suppliers and installers to put your system in place.

If you need a new resource consent, talk to us.

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Freestall Lane Scraper

Clean Yard With No Effort

Be it a freestall lane or a feedpad, a lane scraper can clean your yard in no time and without effort.
Cows will be cleaner and workers happier. Bikes and tractors last longer as they no longer need to drive through effluent.

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Pond Design And Effluent Management

Storage is going to be the key for many farmers in the near future. Storage means options.
Proper design and foresight is needed, the attached video shows a permanent lined pond and sludge storage. Note no crusting!

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Pumping Sludge No Mean Business

When it comes to dealing with sludge you need a real pump.
Pumping up to 30 Cube of sludge per day requires systems and equipment guaranteed to do the job.

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Robot Milking The Future

In my view robotic milking is the future for the "small" family farm and the larger corporate farm,
but particularly smaller farms of 200-300 cows needing a replacement dairy shed. Combine a robot with a Cowhouse™ or Cowtel™, or Herd Home™ and you get all the benefits of control and all the benefits of hands off management. Keen to evaluate this option? Call me for an appointment 021 649 049

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Schoulten Calf Shed

Great Calf Rearing Facility

One of the best facilities in NZ is the Schouten Calf Shed.

Built specifically to accommodate large numbers of calves. All pens are "relocatable". Calves are fed by robotic, fully automatic feeders. Water bowls (not troughs) are installed in every pen.

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What Happens Inside Cowhouse

Look Inside Without Disturbing The Cows

Inside the Cowhouse it's all easy going, and the cows are happy and content. Feed is brought to them regularly and is nice and tasty. When fully utilising the TMR, together with the best NZ pasture has to offer, a truly HFT system evolves.

(HFT = Hybrid Freestall Technology) ™

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