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Builders and Contractors are needed to help construct your new Dairy Housing facility. It is important to recognise that builders are experts at building, steel and concrete, but very seldom are they experts in dairy cow behaviour needs and dairy housing design.... the good builders recognise this and will bring to the table dairy housing experts to ensure that what you end up with is suitable to purpose. it is important you get all the experts around the table and help you deliver a facility which will work for the cows and you...

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Nutricapture Dairy Ltd

Nutricapture Dairy Ltd

Nutricapture Dairy Ltd is a company specifically set up to facilitate and coordinate turnkey off pasture conversion dairy systems.

Cow House Construction Ltd  Hq Timaru

Cow House Construction Ltd Hq Timaru

Builders Of The New Massey Uni Cowhouse

Cow House Construction Ltd is a specialist in the construction of specialised dairy projects for the modern dairy farmer. With extensive experience in the construction of Freestall Cowhouse™ designs, Milking Sheds and Feed Storage Solutions.

Cow House Construction offers the latest designs of Free stall Cowhouse™ system for New Zealand farms, from the very small to the largest of corporate farming.

Every aspect of a Cow House Construction project is designed to accommodate the needs of the animals and ensure the absolute best environment for your cows.

By working alongside our clients and engaging dairy housing specialists Cow House Construction Ltd provides you with the very best of specialist solutions for the housing or milking of dairy cows.

Cow House Construction ltd offesr a complete turn key project, from the consultation phase, through to specialist design experts ensuring the choosen design is right as well as clear written specifications and managing the construction phase of the project through to completion.

Fit out specifications are checked and discussed with you by our external dairy housing expert as an included, service which ensure you get a suitable to purpose facility

At the core of our business are our people, our knowledge and our experience. All we do is focussed on achieving the best result for you the client.

We build throughout New Zealand

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Cowhouse Fit Out Important

Cowhouse Fit Out Important

Technipharm Facilitates Fit Out Direct

The Cowhouse fit out is one of the most important facets of the Cowhouse, in the end the build is roof and concrete, what makes it all tick and what needs total integration is the fit out.

TechniPharm offers a facilitation service direct from source to farm from leading EU and USA suppliers.
Working with proven designs of stalls, matting, scrapers and brushes there is no reinventing of the wheel and farmers can be rest assured they get the very best.
With most NZ cows on Polysoft® NZ reality supports the EU test reports.

With extensive experience in fit outs and most projects on the ground you can be rest assured you are in good hands.

TechniPharm also helps cowhouse clients with the very best in sludge pumping equipment, look no further, others have tried and got burned.
Before you sign off with a builder let us review your sludge handling facilities so it is designed correctly.

NZ 0800 80 980 98
AUS 1800 124 034

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Lely Nz

Lely Nz

Lely NZ is the worlds premium and leading AMS Robot milk harvesting company
Specialised in just robots there are no other distractions like "conventional milk plants and systems"
With an extensive network of support and backup and as of 2015 nearly 100 robots working on NZ farms.

Dairy House Simple Structures

Dairy House Simple Structures

Simple Structures Dairy House

The Dairy House from Simple Structures is a new design which is suitable for up to 400-450 cows

For expressions of interest call 0800 80 90 98

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Calder Developments

Calder Developments

Calder Developments LTD
Calder Developments (Stephen Calder) based in Tapanui / Wanaka

Calder Developments are Wintering Shed design and build specialists, with successful projects throughout the South Island. Wintering sheds look like a simple concept but attention to detail is required to get them right. We are constantly researching options and have personally inspected various dairy farms in the United States and Europe. This experience helps us refine our clients design in a cost effective manner. It's a big investment so it is essential we get it right first time around.

Calder Developments offer the full Turn-Key package including, custom design, building consent and build of the Wintering Shed. We can also help with the layout of areas outside the shed to fit your farming needs and future expansion. Our in-house design and structural engineering capabilities allow for large clearspan layouts, to incorporate bale counts of any size.

Check out some of our completed projects at

We look forward to hearing from you soon 0800 42 00 22

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Phil Stirling Builders


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Southern Concrete Builders


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Calder Stewart Industries Limited

Otago Southland

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