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Qualified Information about farm system changes in NZ is thin on the ground, but good operators of hybrid system have been actively proving the system for more then 10 years now. Ask us whom to talk to and where to view farms with housing systems so you get qualified information first hand.



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There is much to learn and to take on board when creating a new method of farming. Not all of this information can be put on to a website... as a matter of fact, most of it is derived from experience and understanding what is what, and why and how it needs to work on your farm, for you.

In housing cows we are conforming cows to infrastructure, which means that there is cause and effect at every point of the building cows touch. If its not right the cows will not be happy.

Housing cows is not for the fainthearted. Many NZ farmers, simply due to their pasture-based farming experience and with limited or no exposure to housed cow farm systems, can get caught in between what they think they know and what they do not know. There are many models and each model has its benefits and drawbacks. Finding the right model for you and your area, and maximising your capital and resources is at the key to success.

In NZ we have a long way to go before more expert knowledge is available. With the recent completion of the Massey University Cowhouse this will change, but it will take time.

To house cows is an ambitious undertaking. There is as much work in the project itself as there is in keeping the farm running around it and the alignment of the farm to the new model. Teams always achieve more than individuals, and a small % of the budget for the project spent on expertise can go a long way to ensuring a successful outcome.

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