Projects in Progress

Various interesting projects in progress around the country are listed below. From feasibility, to delivery and post construction support.

Specific details or site visits are available on request

Cowhouse  Robotic Milking (ams) Canterbury

Cowhouse Robotic Milking (ams) Canterbury

2016 Start Up

In progress on behalf of Investors in Efficient Sustainable Dairy Systems.

This facility is designed as a fully housed system, with 305 days lactation on limited land and with the bulk of feed contract grown. AMS ( Automatic Milking Systems ).


Cowhouse (ams) Hawke's Bay

2017 Start Up

Project to house 120 cows and AMS milking in Hawkes Bay


Cowhouse 400-500 Cows Invergargil (ams)

2017 Start Up

Existing land underutilised and under review for better utilisation and best use of capital/resources.

Cowhouse S Canterburry 800 Cows
Cowhouse S Canterburry 800 Cows
Cowhouse S Canterburry 800 Cows

Cowhouse S Canterburry 800 Cows

Start Up 2014/2015

Completed spring 2014 in time for calving and feeding cows, and housing them when the weather turns bad.

This system has a unique nutrient management setup!


Gro Rotorua Business Development

Project Feasibility And Business Case

This project is all about creating alternative farm models and within that reduce the N leaching into the lake.


Dairy Housing Waikato

5 Summers, 3 Droughts, Time To Change The Model

Farm has been subject to 3 droughts in 5 years, with production and morale significantly impacted.
Feasibility and options forward to be modelled for new farm system design which delivers a drought proof outcome


Central Otago Dairy Development

Where Once Rabbits Ruled, Grass Can Grow And Cows Can Be Milked

This traditional rabbit invested region is up for some real changes in farm diversity.
Water and sun aplenty, Merino, wine, fruit and now Dairy is the mix of the future.

2016 - 2017 start up

2nd Cowhouse 750 Cows On Existing Farm

2nd Cowhouse 750 Cows On Existing Farm

Southland Start Up 2016

A few years after having taken the initial step to build a Cowhouse, it has proven its worth and a second facility is being planned for 2018.

Northland Dairy Housing Freestall For 300- 400 Cows

Northland Dairy Housing Freestall For 300- 400 Cows

Significant Potential In Northland

With relatively low land values, the upside potential in Dairy Housing systems to unleash farm profits and mitigate N leading is very attractive. Feed grown is almost unlimited, it is just a matter of conversion.


Established Family Builds Cowhouse For Top Performing Cows 500 Cows

This facility is in the Lincoln area, built by a local builder for an established family with high producing cows.

Low lying wet land with potential N leaching issues.


Wairarapa Fully Housed Project

2016 Start Up

Existing farm with feed pad and unique cropping regime looking to enhance efficiency and production outcomes.

Southland Freestall 800 Cows

Southland Freestall 800 Cows

2nd Facility Start Up May 2015

Second facility for same owners. All cows under cover to drive efficiencies and animal well-being with profitable outcomes.


Taranaki Dairy Housing
Taranaki Dairy Housing
Taranaki Dairy Housing

Taranaki Dairy Housing

Start Up 2015

Dairy housing project for high performing cows under risk from conventional pasture-based farm system. Efficiency driven system utilising all feed and nutrients. Increased animal well-being and production outcomes are the drivers.

First Dairy House structure in New Zealand

Completed: production in 2016 25% ahead of 2015

Outram 800 Cows Freestall/covered Feed Pad

Outram 800 Cows Freestall/covered Feed Pad

Startup 2015 2016

Existing feed pad conversion and new housing system for 800 plus cows.
Effluent system upgrade to manage all nutrients effectively


Ecobag Nutrient Capture

Fde Storage And Management

New systems going in Taranaki, Southland and Manawatu



Cowhouse Renovation ( In Progress) 2017

New Scraper system in establish Cowhouse NI