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Compost Barns The Real Story

With some people considering alternative systems for NZ there is some mis information and lack of real data in respect of all the issues.

Compost or bedded pack barns on the face of it may offer some solutions, but the real issues and cost are far from simple.

Milk quality ( and acceptance by the dairy companies)
Cost ( initial larger m2 and material of sawdust/bedding)
Pathogen and bacterial contamination
Skill to operated
Green house gasses

These are just a few issues, this report from Wageningen in the Netherlands where this system is only a very small % of the total barn system scene is a good information source form which to base your conclusions.

Added 24 Nov 2017
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Feedlot Security

Why not more frames take up the opportunity to spin their operations to higher performance is a question to which there are few answers

With "artificial beef" around the corner every thing should be done to ensure NZ does lifts itself to a year round quality supply.

Sold with a sustainable story of durability and care for animals and land is proven to be workable and acceptable for consumers to justifiably pay more.

Added 19 Sep 2017
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