Feasibility Reports

To change your farm system means strategically you a repositioning your business, what will this look like? both in practise and financially ?
To get all stakeholders on board it makes a lot of sense to create a clear transparent masterplan so every one can envisage what the cause and affects are.

Working with industry qualified experts will ensure you "get it right"


Feasibility Reports

A Secure Blue Print For The Journey Ahead

No matter what size dairy infrastructure project you engage in, it's wise to know ahead of time how it will all work for you in future. Financially, environmentally and from an animal well-being point of view, will the new venture be sustainable?

Be it a new dairy shed , a freestall, conversion, feedpad or covered feed pad, a project needs to stack up from start to completion.

With a focus on the proposed project, and after a full evaluation and assessment of your farm and resources we compile a full feasibility report.

We do this together with an independent company (Landward Management Ltd Dunedin) whom are specialised in l preparing feasibility reports for agriculture. Cowhouse Ltd consulting provides the initial farm assessment and re-modelling of the farm, including the budgets. With this information Landward produces the economic picture and creates the best use of funds scenario. This two tier approach ensures that the facts and figures are compiled with a high degree of integrity, accuracy and independence.

Over the last 6 years well over $300 million of farm infrastructure developments have been modeled with a high % of projects brought to realisation.

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