Project Specifications And Tender

Plans Driven By Purpose And Fixed Price

If a feasibility report is not needed and you have funds in the bank, then it pays to spend a day or so with us creating the clear specifications for the project.

This means creating a very detailed build specification for the project, which matches the projected outcomes. Within that the five freedoms for dairy cows are paramount.

The specifications we help you with can include:

Ensuring that the facility design of the proposed Dairy Housing matches the intended purpose
Ensuring that the fit out design and purpose match
The electrical specifications to suit best cow performance and well-being
The water trough specifications
The entry/exit lanes and link races to dairy
The effluent/sludge system
The machinery and equipment needed
The feed storage system
The earthworks and excavations
The Geotec requirements
The resource consents needed

Most successful projects are well thought out and have the input of a dairy housing expert. This is not a builder or general consultant, but someone whom preferably has worked in these types of facilities, has design expertise, understands cow-flow and animal handling, understands engineering, has a good handle on cost, and has relationships with a range of builders and contractors.

Clear and detailed specifications means you save time and cost - time in having it sorted from day one, and cost in not having add-ons or unexpected variations. Specifications ensure that everything is included and you are then able to obtain quotes which can be compared properly, or alternatively go to a formal tender.

By planning the right Dairy Housing model for you, we can make you a lot of money and reduce your stress levels considerably.

To get a Dairy Housing model wrong is very easily done and will cost you much agony and a lifetime of lost production.

Spending some time and money on this aspect of the project will save you many dollars and frustrations later on.


From Specifications To The Tender Process

Fixed Price Design Build

Once specifications have been drawn up we can transform these to Tender documents for a submission to qualified builders with experience in building these large projects.

The tender process will mean you get a fixed price design build project with no hidden variables or cost over runs.

This disciplined process avoids surprises and creates project security on all levels.