Project Managment

When it comes to managing your project there is an absolute focus on peace of mind... your mind that is. We ensure you can carry on with your normal business and have a worry free completion of the project. In all projects we have been involved with best results have been obtained where the farmer carries on his normal business but is the focus of what is needed to allow that to happen, now and in the future. Initially and prior to commencing construction your involvement is crucial as the initial design process and criteria need to be discussed, budgets need to be confirmed and contractors and agreements need to be put in place. Deadlines are very important on all our projects and all needs to be kept "on track" from all angles to ensure on time completion.

We assist clients with writing full specifications, do budgets, finance applications, compare price offers apples for apples and cut through all sales jargon. Ensure no one pulls the wool over your eyes! We will add value to your project at every possible angle.

This is what one of Cowhouse clients wrote to us on the results obtained from a investment in a 500 cow Freestall Cowhouse

Well, it's a no brainer (cow housing) when there will be no more induction of cows, we can year round milk, we increased production by 25,000 KgMs in year one with not to much effort, certainly looking to improve that again this year. Cows are in better order, our feed costs were 160,000 not excessive and under budget. Certainly easier to run than extra land, our fertiliser costs for farm, runoff etc all up with urea and one solid application and lime , 96,000 and we really grew some grass fert budget was under so effluent made a big impression on our farm."

On one of our designed coordinated large Rotary Dairies, Mel Eden " The design is generally very good" " I was delighted to see the steps near the Cowhouse as I have been advocating steps instead of ramps for years"

Initial comment from farmer where we are managing the construction of a new 40 aside Herringbone shed.
" I could not believe the variations between quotes, without having some one helping to dig through the "crap" I would have spent far to much" "staying on budget target is crucial"

More and more farmers value to input from experts and most know good help does not cost, it pays.

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