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Cowhouse Fit Out Critical
Cowhouse Fit Out Critical
Cowhouse Fit Out Critical
Cowhouse Fit Out Critical

Cowhouse Fit Out Critical

Cowhouse Fit Out Options

To date, too few farmers in NZ or Australia understand the importance of the fit out of the Cowhouse, barn or herd home. There is much emphasis placed on the building, the surrounds, feed bunkers etc etc, but the crucial aspect of the facility when housing dairy cows is in the interior fit out.

Expert advice here is highly recommended. Engineers may be quick to say, "we can bend those frames, no worries". But are those stall frames correct for your cows? Do you know that there are at least 50 types to choose from (internationally), and each one has a particular dimension and configuration to match cows comfort? Plastic stalls may be the wrong option for your size cows, and cheap materials may cost you in the long run. The wrong set up can be costly for you and your cows.

When it comes to cow matting it is also crucial that the correct material is chosen... the fact is that if it's the wrong stuff, cows will not like it and not lie down enough. This could cost you many hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production in future years. In the EU all matting of any worthwhile consideration is tested, and a full report on all facets of impact to the cow are identified. The DLG SIGMA test report is critical. Rubber in NZ needs to be avoided! High bacterial counts due to rubber cracking are common. Water beds are no good either (see Massey university report). Sand is best, but not practical or cost effective in NZ...

There are many types of brushes, with many benefits and drawbacks.

Why are brisket rails an important part of the stall and cow comfort?

Internal gates should be changeable, have you heard about high lift gates?

Scraper options are many.... what works in NZ may not be the same as what works overseas. Ease of use, maintenance and the size of the housing must all be taken into account.

Curtains are not windbreaks! There is a science behind the material and fit out method used.

Doors are a real issue in NZ, and many commercial doors simply blow out... there are other options.

Has ventilation for the building been calculated for the number of cows, location and size?

At Cowhouse Ltd we have all the information sourced form many suppliers and can advise you regarding what works, what does not and why.... not just from a sales brochure, but from personal international and NZ experience and feedback.

The advice is get it right and engage the right people around you to get the job done... that does not cost... it pays.


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