Why you too can benefit from Cowhouse Ltd consulting?

In the year 2000 every ha of land fed 4 people, in 2050 every ha of land is predicted to need to feed 6 people

This must be achieved with the fundamental issue of environmental sustainability as one of the key drivers.

Cowhouse Ltd™ Consulting has been at the forefront of Dairy Housing in NZ, and has been involved through its director Harmen Heesen with many Dairy Housing projects, including the prestigious Massey Universirty Cowhouse Project in Palmerston North. Harmen has over 10 years NZ experience in Dairy Housing, and is one of the very few people in NZ with a thorough understanding of what is best under NZ conditions and farm situations. Harmen has various industry roles contributing to the development of the best standards and outcomes for housing cows.

Significant design IP has been developed, creating true purpose built NZ 'hybrid' and full 24/7 housing options.

By engaging the independent expertise of Cowhouse Ltd, you gain access to a large pool of globally available options and knowledge, thus increasing the scope and potential outcome of your project. Bovine Housing in NZ is relatively new and is not the place to innovate; it is a matter of using the best suitable design principles for NZ conditions and cows.

Cowhouse Consulting focuses on providing clients with 'outcome based systems', where rather than a project being structure driven it is outcome driven - we start at the end of what is to be achieved and work back from there. Starting at the outcome means that from the initial farm assessment we can see how the farm currently operates and what resources are available on farm and off farm, to create an integrated farm system best suited to both the farm and the client.

We provide clients with intelligent and unbiased integrated hybrid and AMS (robotic milking) farming solutions for the modern Dairy business. Our wider network exists outside of NZ, and global companies and people whom are experts in their field and can add expertise, product and advice to your project. This means you are not bound to just one company, but obtain better outcomes by selecting what is best for your farm and cows. We believe that all infrastructure and support needs to ensure a future proof, sustainable outcome, add to life/work enjoyments and create a profitable outcome.

In everything we do we have 3 guiding principles:
1) Maximise efficient, sustainable, profitable production of protein
2) Aim for the highest animal welfare standards
3) Remove any possible identified risk element in the build and management of the new facility

We achieve this by:
1) knowing where the industry is at and where it is going
2) applying NZ proven design systems and products (we provide ongoing support after project completion, so we know what works and what does not)
3) working with credible builders and 3rd party providers to an end product with a guaranteed outcome

Our work for you may be for the housing of dairy cows or creating a beef feed lot, but can also be a new dairy shed, evaluation or support of dairy managment systems, managing large amounts of effluent or sludge, feed pad design, covered feedpad options, feed storage solutions, yard layout and design, a new conversion or planning for AMS robotic milking.

Cowhouse consulting's independent position also provides you with additional expertise in the various skills required for full due diligence reports on farm systems, sustainability factors, policies and finances. Due diligence may be for a equity partnership proposal, bank or investor interest.

Our consulting adds value with our "total farm outcome approach" - everything needs to "work in synergy". Good planning, an independent feasibility study and possible finance applications to financiers is all part of the available package. While we can provide a 'design only' service, most farmers and bankers working with the Cowhouse Ltd team are so impressed with the total service they receive that more often than not they commission our team for total project management.

In the current economic environment we have found that clients get easier funding or more funding if there is a level of independent "control" and input. Dairy NZ guidelines for Off Pasture systems suggest independent advice is a must. Over and over again we have proven that the fees you may pay are easily recovered by the benefit of the extra expertise, and in many instances there are good project savings obtained by doing things smarter and working with the right people and companies.


"Invest once and make hybrid integrated farming your equity and sustainable profit driver"
"Success starts with engaging the right expertise"

First steps?

Obtain Fact file #1 Off Pasture Dairy Housing
This fact file is beneficial to anyone exploring dairy housing... this fact file gives a good overview of what is involved, from skill base to elements of the project to what to expect in the build project.
Written by Harmen Heesen and based on his consultancy work through Cowhouse Ltd over the last 10 years $100 plus GST (refundable on further engagement)

Fact file #2
Off Pasture Dairy Housing
From initial thought to completion, " the options". Stages 1-8 considerations. This fact file will help you to narrow down the options and understand what is important to start with, and how to ensure you end up with a product which delivers guaranteed results. $250 plus GST (refundable on further engagement)

Call 0800 80 90 98 or email hj@cowhouse.co.nz

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